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My laptop is scrolling down by itself.

My laptop is scrolling down by itself in any pages or software, make me mad , I cant do anything.


please help me

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Re: My laptop is scrolling down by itself.


Changing the touchpad delay
It is recommended that you check the touchpad. Since the touchpad and the mouse both control the pointer, it is likely that your touchpad is causing the issue. The touchpad is so sensitive sometimes that when you are typing, it registers movement and moves the mouse around.

Try changing the touchpad delay before the mouse click works. This will help the mouse pointer from moving accidentally when you are typing something.

Press Windows + I to launch the Settings directly. If this doesn’t work, press Windows + S to launch the search bar of your start menu and type “Settings” in the dialogue box. Open the first result which comes forth.
Once in the Settings, head over to the options of “Devices”. It will be the second entry from the left on the first row.
Now navigate to the Touchpad tab present at the left side of the screen.
Now you can change the delay/touchpad sensitivity in the options. Change accordingly and check if the conditions get any better.

Also, update touchpad drivers as well as check for virus's/malware in the system.

You can uninstall and reinstall the touchpad drivers as well.

Click the link below to choose your system and OS installed to download the drivers.


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