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RE: N5110 bototm base right side hinge broken

Hello all

Somehow i  am able to fix it , all you need is two screws with same size of laptop screw and 15 MM in length. i got it from a local laptop repair center just for free.

Step1 open the front panel so you can see the screws attaced to the screen as shown below. take help form you tube on how to open N5110 lapotop

now tight these screw properly 

Step 2 : now close the laptop lid and then on back side remove the screw which holds the hinge,

and replace it with 15 MM long screw with a Visor .( i made it with a metal round and making a hole in it)

now just properly tight it and if required add some packing of rubber.  the screw can be seen like below whcih you can cover with a sticker.

you can press from front side (step one screenshot) to check if the screw from back is properly fit or not.

now this fixed my problem for now...lets see how much time it can cousine is happy to see it as it made the laptop working again and saved his few Ks 

hope this trick will help others too.



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RE: N5110 bototm base right side hinge broken

Hi kUnal can you please give me your number, mine is <ADMIN NOTE: Phone number removed per privacy policy>, Amit, i need help on this hinge issue

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