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New XPS 15, 9530 WIFI issues.....

Got our new XPS-15, 9530 Base model last night, and the WFIF will not stay on.

over 2 hours on the phone with Tech Support, and they are sending out a Tech to replace the WIFI card. I'm not even sure it is the WIFI card as he gave up trouble shooting it when he couldn't stay on Remote Access.

the worst of it was the two hours on the phone, it was pure hell, and I told the Techs supervisor about it afterwards.

Anyone else havering WIFI issues with this new model?

I hope this isn't the future of this computer, as a new non functioning computer is not a good start.

This is really pushing me towards an Apple MacBook Pro.

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Don't buy this model.

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Hey Harleybad - Try using Intel driver - There are mixed opinions floating on the Internet. But i had this issue and i sent out the laptop for a wireless card & board replacement. There after i was asked to do a system Refresh and restore to factory settings. Since then it has worked fine. I see the driver for my card is Intel Hope that helps! See below.

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Most users are not reporting wifi issues with this model.  The last version of the XPS 15 had a known issue with wifi but so far there hasn't been a consistent pattern of poor performance with the 9530.

That being said, some people have had issues.  They have had luck with two potential solutions:

1) update to the latest wifi drivers off the intel website, NOT the dell support drivers.  Some people who have had wifi issues with this laptop have had success once they updated the driver.  The driver on the intel website is a newer build and may alleviate some of your problems.  (note: a dell tech will never tell you to do this, but like I said, it has worked for some.)  The newest driver build is version 16.6

2) this isn't a convenient answer, but your router may have a compatibility issue with this intel ac card.  For some reason, some wifi devices can get finicky when it comes to how well they work.  For instance, most of your devices (tablets, phones, older computers, etc.) may work fine with your current router, but something about the new system (usually a driver issue) causes problems.  One way to test this is to take your laptop to a public place with wifi (if you haven't already) and try it out to determine if you're having the same issue.  If the problem goes away, there's a chance that you may need to upgrade or change your wireless router.  Inconvenient, but may solve your issue.

If nothing works, hopefully the card replacement will do the trick.  It's overall a great laptop and I wish you luck with your issue.  

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Well, after more than 3 hours on the phone with Dell Tech support and getting no where except they decided to replace the wifi card, even though I could get on my neighbors wifi, but poor reception, they still insisted it was the wifi card.

Thank goodness for the internet, and the problem was my modem needed a firmware update.

Update is done and all is well now, but I've got to say Dell's technical support is going downhill.

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Just reporting a similar issue - rebooting the laptop seems like the only solution for reconnecting to wifi. It seems to stay connected for an hour or so then not have connectivity.
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I've had this problem twice.  Bought in November '13.  First time upgrading to windows 8.1 helped the situation.  Was great until April '14.  This time it appears the  NVIDIA ge force experience software upgrading stopped it.  Would recommend looking at that if any one has similar issues.  Hope this helps.

Its annoying to sit next to a laptop with broken wifi researching the issue on a phone with wifi working just fine.

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XPS 9530 512gb ssd model arrived on 21/05/2014.

Same wifi issues, plus usb issues (usb ports can't keep a stable connection with a device)

Same iter with the support: I even have been told "we are having loads of complaints about that model for the wifi and we cannot do anything for that: it's the wifi card that doesn't work with routers' firmware that aren't _very_ updated". Like 99% of routers in the real world I'd say.

Returning it right now: really, evidence proves that dell support is amazing, but their engineering choices are very far from that. Even for a model that's definitely not cheap where they should put extra attention to their choices.

Just ordered a new macbook pro, farewell dell.

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Just posting to say that I had a similar issue as the OP with my xps15 9530, and option 1 (update drivers) from your answer solved it.

I have the low end version (onboard graphics, 1920x1080 res, etc)  I was getting about 3.5 Mbps download on my WiFi, while my android phone was getting 30 and my ethernet connected desktop was getting 90.  This was on the stock wireless card drivers (v16.5.1).  I went to the intel site and used the "check my machine for what hardware and driver version I have" tool (link), which worked and gave me a link to install the newest (v17.0.2) drivers. After the update I'm getting about 70Mbps down, which might still not be as good as it could be but I'm happy for now.

Note that when I did "check for driver updates" from windows device manager it thought that v16.5.1 was current, not sure where it gets it's info but I've always found that service to be hit or miss.

Also worth noting that I didn't interact with Dell support in fixing this issue, I usually don't involve them until I'm confident that I can't fix a problem on my own, or I need some hardware replaced or something.

Thanks again for the answer.

Edit: apparently replies always reply to the OP, I'm referencing Kaborchers' answer.

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I'm looking at buying soon and it seems from XPS to Precision problems abound......

so confused!

so dissapointed!

macbook pro.....what about burn in?????


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Just reporting a similar issue - rebooting the laptop seems like the only solution for reconnecting to wifi. It seems to stay connected for an hour or so then not have connectivity.

I have exactly the same problem. When I turn on my PC I cant connect. When I reboot, the wifi works fine. If I just leave my PC switch on and dont use the wifi, I have to activate and deactivate the airplane mode and the wifi return. I tried to update my wireless driver (intel site) but it shut down wifi in all devices (include my pc). I imagine that the problem is my wireless you solve your problem?

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I have been experiencing this exact same issue without much luck to resolve it. I sent out my Dell system few days back and they replaced the system board and Wifi card which i thought was an Ostrich solution....meaning they really did not get to the bottom of the problem. Instead they choose to replace the WiFi card and thought it would resolve it. Apparently it did not. The problem from what i have researched on Google appears to be a driver issue and some possible incompatibility that possibly Dell will not acknowledge. 

Also some of the friends who have not reported this problem may not know that in the background they could be getting lost packets / packet dropouts which they may not be aware about. With packet dropouts, it makes the browsing appear to be delayed. I can sense that consistent delay in my internet browsing and can sense that something is slowing things down in the background even when the WiFi shows full signal and appears to be working.

So really there are 2 things here - 1) WiFi dropout issues when internet keeps disconnecting and you cannot connect to the Internet at all. This happens on start and wake up from Idle status. 2) WiFi packet dropouts when you feel like Internet is working but in the background there is packet loss and you apparently experience a subtle but noticeable delay in internet browsing.

I will post a further update based on what Dell offers to be as a solution. I have been with Dell long enough and would like to continue provided i see the type of support that one gets when things go wrong...From a user's perspective after having spend $2400, i certainly expect the gadget to work!! And if it was a minor issue, i would not have bothered about writing this post. Using this system 8-10 hrs. per day its a major concern for me to get a not so great browsing experience. i hope Dell resolves this issue. 

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