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Operating System not found Inspiron 1464


It all started with an error during boot that said - hard drive read error occurrred

researched and found out that my HDD has crashed therefore ordered a new one. on installing the new HDD and booting i see now Operating system not found error and sometimes i see PXE-E61: Media Test Failure, check cable

again researching found that i have to disable Integrated NIC so i did and PXE error went off but no clue how to resolve Operating system not found !!

I have bootable windows 10 USB flash drive that i planned to install / repair OS on old/new HDD but that does not work either. It says winload EXE corrupted or not found.

can someone help and note that i have already researched old posts.

Thank you



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DELL-Chris M
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RE: Operating System not found Inspiron 1464

"Operating system not found error". A normal message considering that the new HDD is blank.

Dell only validated Windows Vista/7 on this 2012/seven year old model. Sounds like you need to re-create the windows 10 image on the USB flash drive.



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