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Problems Of My Dell Inspiron 1464


I have a Dell inspiron 1464 laptop with Preloaded Windows 7 Home Premium. I  Upgraded it to Windows 8.1 on 4th April 2014. Here is the tech specs of my device for your Kind information.

Dell inspiron 1464 

Bios Version: A04 
Reg Model: P09G
Reg Type: P09G001
Current OS: Windows 8.1
Monitor: 14-inch LED
Webcam: 1.3 MP
Processor: Intel Core i5 CPU M430 @ 2.27GHz (Code name: Merom)
Memory: 1,912 MB
Motherboard: Dell Inc. 0C6HFD
Video Card: Intel HD Graphics
Mode: 1366x768 with 32 bit color depth
Optical Drive: Hp DVD/RW 
HDD: 320 GB 

Problems of my Laptop is listed Below :

1. It has a problem of overheating. It become very hot after using it for 20 Minutes or less.

2. The display driver of it doesn't support windows 8.1. On startup time, it takes time to adjust display so startup time is too much higher.

3. Using "My Dell" software it recommend me to update my laptop Bios to A13. I read some of articles about updating this Bios and learned that it may cause damage of this laptop. So what can i do now ???? 

4. Also i am thinking of change its os to Ubuntu 14.04. But some of my devices like Wimax Modem provider doesn't support Ubuntu or other linux.

5. Another thing is that my softwares like chrome or others start very lately. it takes time to open them for 15-25 secs. what can i do now? for information, there is less softwares in my laptop and i have more than 50% free spaces.

6. My Battery charge rate is decreasing day by day and i just cannot use it without adapter for more that 30 minutes. 

Please tell me what can i do and what is recommended. I wish you will surely give me a suitable answer.

Thank you.

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