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Studio 1745 CPU and RAM upgrade questions

Hi. I recently bought a used Studio 1745 to replace my Studio 1735. When I bought it, it had an Pentium Dual Core T4300 CPU, which I upgraded to a Core 2 Duo T9300.

I was looking at upgrading the RAM, and trying to find out which speed is supported, and that had led me on to some other queries.

The current RAM is PC3-10600, so 1333MHz (666Mhz Dual rate). Some other threads on this forum, and on cpu-upgrade.com suggest that the chipset supports a bus speed of 1066MHz. but when I look for RAM on the Crucial site for the model of laptop I have, it recommends PC3-12800, so 1600MHz (800MHz Dual Rate)

So my questions;

Can someone tell me if the 1066MHz bus speed is supported, as the official manual only states that the RAM speed support is 1066/1333MHz.

If 1066MHz bus speed is supported, then I should be able to fit a Core 2 Duo P9700?

What RAM speed would be supported?

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RE: Studio 1745 CPU and RAM upgrade questions

The Studio 1735 does not support 1066 MHz bus CPUs -- the successor model (Studio 1737) has a different mainboard/chipset -- that one does.

The 1745 should take a 1066 MHz CPU.

1333 MHz memory support (i.e., running at full speed) did not arrive until the Core i7 CPU was released.  All the Core2s max out at 1066.

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