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Vista fail, replace

I have a Dell Inspiron laptop running 32-bit Vista. It has developed the "local only" (no internet) problem and none of the fixes I have found work. How exactly do I restore, refresh or whatever the OS? There is a recovery partition on the disk. I assume I would wind up with the original version, which means I would have to update the drivers, etc., (if I then have Internet access). Can I still do that, or has Microsoft totally abandoned Vista? Plan B would be to move to Windows 7. Would this require buying the program with a valid product key? Any suggestions?

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RE: Vista fail, replace


You can click the link below for information restoring Windows Vista. If you wanted to install Windows 7 on your computer you can click the link below to choose your computer and see if there are Windows 7 drivers available. You would then need to purchase the Windows 7 OS.

Restore Windows Vista


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RE: Vista fail, replace

Vista is pretty much abandoned. Its recommended to take the unofficial Windows 10130 Upgrade path to make your system a Windows 10 Pro Device:



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