Volume Control - need fixed within the hour!

I continue to get a message on my Inspiron E1405 laptop at start up that states:

Volume Control: Unable to load user interface. Please reinstall the application.

The little speaker no longer shows up on my task bar and when I go to the volume controls in the control panel, all the settings can be seen but are nonfunctioning so this makes me think something was uninstalled. There is another program that performed a sound test and some sound came out. However, this program won't operate mp3s or the webinar that I need to attend in an hour.

I've tried to reinstall the drivers that I found on this site. This didn't help. Maybe they were the wrong ones?


I'm running Windows XP.

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Re: Volume Control - need fixed within the hour!

Well, I didn't get any answers within the hour and missed out on work I needed to do today. I still haven't found a solution so would appreciate help still so I don't miss out on work tomorrow too.


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Jim Coates
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Re: Volume Control - need fixed within the hour!

Sorry that I was not available to help yesterday -- I had an issue that prevented me from logging on to the forum. just now got it fixed.

Most of my advice for the symptoms you report is in the "No Audio" FAQ.

Your audio driver is the Sigmatel R171789. If you tried to install the Creative software that is in the Audio category of the E1405 downloads page then you might now have a problem with Windows Audio Service/Endpoint Builder as explained in the FAQ.

I have to get to work now. Will try to check back in later today -- tonight for sure.

Jim Coates -- 15 years on the Dell Laptop Audio boards -- since 2/6/04 

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Re: Volume Control - need fixed within the hour!

Thanks Jim for getting back to me. I managed to finally get it fixed.

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