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Water Damaged Laptop

So last night there was a lot of rainfall where I live, and my laptop was sitting on a carpeted floor near a flyscreen door. When water started coming in it was moved away but not before the carpet was a bit damp. After coming home and trying to start it, the battery ilght flashes yellow three times and then white once. I tried taking the battery out and cleaning/drying it but it was completely dry and when I put it back in the battery light was solid white until the next boot up attempt.

I'm not sure how much water was on the laptop or near it, but the fact that there are some lights still working and it makes the normal noises when I try to boot it gives me some hope. Does anybody have a clue of what a good plan of attack would be? Will I need to get heavy repairs done or should it come good?

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Re: Water Damaged Laptop

You're likely in for at least a replacement system board -- if not other parts as well.  Depending on the model and age of the system, repair may not make sense.  What model is it?

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