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Windows 8 Recovery Process Issues - Help

Hi folks, Wondered if anyone has any ideas to solve an issue I am having. Unable to get the Dell Recovery & Restore process to get past the Backup and Migration phase. Quick Review - Dell Laptop with Windows 8 - Laptop "contracted" a UKash Ransom Malware through a fake Flash/Java update - When trying to set the safe mode boot for Windows 8, at the MSCONFIG checkbox step, the laptop "crashed" and rebooted - Now unable to get into windows, suspecting the partial safe boot mode setup steps - F8 or Shift F8 do no work or provide any boot menu options - attempted to clean malware with Kaspersky Rescue CD and after 2 hours only 2000 "infected" files were cleaned and thousands more to still be cleaned but it seems they are not able to "cleaned" but the rescue CD - Obtained Recovery & Restore USB from Dell but at the Backup & Migration phase the laptop reboots never completing the process. What I have tried and have not worked - finding registry options to try and get back into windows - tried to find options to get safe boot to be enabled without getting into windows - tried to use Windows 7 recovery disks to resolve the safe boot steps Appreciate any recommendations or thoughts.
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