XPS 15 9560 tab and caps vibrating

Hi All,

Have had my XPS15 now for +/- a month, and i love the machine up till now. Checked everything, and a earlier problem with usb ports seems to have resolved itself and back-light bleeding is ok with only one spot with minimal bleeding. One thing that became apparent though is that my tab and caps lock keys are a little loose. The sound they make is slightly different when subtle touching them. This is in no way a problem with regards to functionality, but it makes that they vibrate when the laptop uses it speakers, especially around the 400 Hz frequency.

Does anyone know a fix for this? or should i contact support for this issue? Its kind of annoying while watching a movie or listening to music, given the premium class of this system. Furthermore, I had to wait over a month (delay) until the laptop arrived and as i need it for work, I cant really miss it for another extended period of time.

Any ideas or advice would be appreciated.

Happy new year to all,


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