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XPS M1330 to TV Using HDMI

Hello All

What are the Steps transferring my laptop (XPS M1330 Windows Vista) monitor to my Sony Google TV  using HDMI?  Every time I placed the HDMI cord into my laptop the screen on my laptop went black making it impossible to utilize any functions. Any help would be great.   

- JD

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Re: XPS M1330 to TV Using HDMI

Good Afternoon

Thank you for contacting the community.

When the HDMI is connected from the system to the television, as long as the correct port is sellected on the television from the remote control, it should automatically come up on your television.

If your television has 2 HDMI ports, and the laptop is connected to the 2nd HDMI port in the television, make sure the television is selected to HDMI port 2.

Other things to try, are Function and F8 kep pressed together. (Fn + F8) will toggle the video from laptop to television, and vice versa.

Failing any of these working, do you have any more televisions to test your machine on through the HDMI ports, or any other HDMI cables.



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