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XPS13 does not boot

Hi All,

I've got a 2013 XPS13 laptop that no longer boots. I believe it is a mainboard failure based on other posts on this forum but it's well out of warranty now Smiley Sad


  • Battery is charged and continues to charge (indicator lights work)
  • Unplugging the battery did not help
  • Pressing the power button, the keyboard backlight comes on. The fan does not.
  • Nothing else happens (No dell logo, no LCD backlight etc)
  • Leaving the laptop for 30 minutes just results in a hot laptop
  • The laptop will immediately switch off if the power button is tapped
  • Holding the power button down just makes the keyboard backlight flash briefly; no other effect
  • Compressed air has yielded no benefit
  • New thermal compound similarly did nothing

I should note that the laptop got progressively worse over 2-3 months. At Christmas it crashed and would not turn on for a couple of minutes but I dismissed it as a one off. In January I had cause to turn the laptop off and it would not start for 10-15 minutes. It would however wake from sleep fine so I just avoided switching it off. In early February the machine crashed and would not switch on for ~30 minutes. I thought it was dead then but it came back. Finally, at the start of March it crashed again and has not started since.

I would like to see how much it would cost to fix out of warranty to see if it's worth repairing or if it just needs recycling at this point. Has anyone done similar? What is the process to get an estimate?

I'm presently living in Spain but will be moving to Ireland next month if it's relevant. The laptop was purchased in the UK.

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RE: XPS13 does not boot

Hi Mike,

It looks like a possible motherboard failure based on the symptoms you have stated.

Try this step - turn off the system - press and hold the fn key and power button to turn it on. It should initiate the diags. Wait for about 2 minutes - the system should start beeping. If you see any display - make a note of any errors you might encounter. If there is no display - count the number of beeps in a cycle. Based on this - we could isolate the exact fault with the machine.

If you could send the service tag and your contact details in a private conversation - we can generate a quote of the repair cost in Pounds - as the system was purchased in UK.

Keep us updated.

Thanks and Regards,
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RE: XPS13 does not boot

Hi Rishi,

I tried starting the machine with fn + Power button a few times and left it running for ~ 5 minutes each time but there was no display and there were no beeps at all.

I will PM my service tag & contact details shortly.

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