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XPS15-9550, screen flicking


This is kuiyoung. I had service few month. I forgot when it was. That time your technician came to office and changed motherboard. But when Im using it, suddenly it starts flicking and get error message that pc went to wrong. It's been two weeks. Strongly I think this one has problem and I don't wanna repair anymore. Because as you can see, I requested several times to repair this notebook. I'm really sick of it. I really don't think this one has virus. Thus I don't wanna install any program to wasting my time. I hope that you understand my situation. Thus I wanna refund or change new one. If you refund I would be more happier than change new one happy. Because after changing new one, same problem, I won't call you guys again. I will definitely buy other brand. It was my first time to buy Dell laptop. Really disappointed. I hope other people won't make same problem like me. I used to use other brand and never had problem.

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RE: XPS15-9550, screen flicking

Per Dell policy;
* A refund is only possible if requested inside the FIRST 30 days from the original invoice date.
* Any system exchange after the first 30 day will be a refurbished, not new.

At this point, all we can do on this Forum is troubleshoot the flicker issue. If we diagnose that hardware is at fault, you would then contact Technical Support to arrange either parts replacement or refurbished system exchange.

* Reinstall our Intel HD graphics driver
* Restart the laptop when finished
* Reinstall our Nvidia GTX 960M graphics driver
* Restart the laptop when finished and retest

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RE: XPS15-9550, screen flicking

> It's been two weeks.

This seems to coincide with the recent release of the version of the Intel HD video driver, which has been causing 9550 users headaches well documented on this forum, but has for reasons beyond me still not been withdrawn, and it is being pushed to users with Windows Update, in particular with the Windows 10 Creators update.

If you find the .4590 installed, rolling back to (from the Dell support site) should settle things. But it may not be trivial, because WU will likely want to update back to the "official" .4590. You should be able to prevent this using "wushowhide".