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apt X support


I'm trying to determine whether my laptop can take advantage of the aptX codec when using Bluetooth.  According to Microsoft, Windows 10 now supports the aptX codec. (It looks like I can't embed the link, but a document on the Microsoft website states the preceding.) However, a page on Dell's website asserts the following:

"APTX is support is limited to Dell Latitude and Precision systems equipped with the Intel 8260 wireless card and the Windows 8.1 64-bit Operating System.

Dell has no APTX support for Windows 7, 10 or Ubuntu Linux"

What does it mean that Dell won't support the capability even though Window 10 does?  And if not, does it mean that my Dell (with Windows 10) can't use apt X under any circumstances?

Pardon me if the answer is glaringly obvious, and thank you to all who answer!



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RE: apt X support

Like most things Qualcomm, AptX comes with a licensing fee to the system vendor.  No doubt the price-sensitive consumer market (XPS/Inspiron/Latitude) won't stand for a price increase to cover Qualcomm's license fee.  The business market (Precision/Latitude) has a higher margin and can.

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