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can't install drivers

      I've just bought a 1720 Inspiron with NO OS installed. I've instaled Win XP SP2 and then I've also instaled the webcam (with the CD i received), but now I can't instal the other drivers(like network controller, video card and so on). When i run the program from the Resource CD it gives an error that says "1155: File F:\INSTALL\instmsi30.exe not found". I have also tryied instaling the drivers manualy, but no luck. I have also surfed the net and your web site but no luck in locating suitable drivers.
     Please if anyone can help, I'm open to any sugestions.
     The laptop is great but if I can't use it's useless.
Best regards,

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All your drivers for XP are here:
You need to and should have installed the drivers in a certain order.
Do system software if any first, then the chipset drivers. Then any other drivers and software in any order.
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