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heaphones not working XPS 13 9343

I paid $1600 for this laptop- the sound quality is worse than a $200 ASUS I can't use the headphones. I have found dozens of complaints from consumers about this issue but no solution from Dell other than reinstall Windows or try drivers from links that don't exist anymore. I use this in a business setting and need to have headphones. C'mon DELL tell us what to do. I've compared my settings to other DELL laptops and desktops and the main difference I see is under sound->playback it lists "Speakers" Intel Smart Sound Technology (Intel SST).

Other DELL computers say "Speakers/Headphones" ... 

That ought to be a clue DELL.

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RE: heaphones not working XPS 13 9343

Hi db665,

Thanks for posting.

Here is some information you may find helpful: http://dell.to/2xURk65

If that's not working for you, please try Dell Support Assist, it should already be installed on your computer.  


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RE: heaphones not working XPS 13 9343

try drivers from links that don't exist anymore.

Hello. If you are getting your Realtek audio driver directly from Dell, there should not be a dead link. Getting the audio driver from a third party site could result in the wrong driver.

You can find all of the drivers that Dell has released for your laptop on the XPS 9343 html page. If you have Windows 10, only select a "WT" driver. "WB" is for Win 8.1. If you want to install a driver that is older than the one you currently have, you should first completely remove the current driver and its files.

Your audio driver is also available on the XPS 9343 support page, but only the newest releases are there and you have to be sure to select your operating system in the dropdown selection box.

The other place to get your Realtek driver is directly from the Realtek site (go to http://www.realtek.com.tw/downloads/ "High Definition Audio Codecs", then on the next page check "I accept" and then click "next")., but it won't be tailored to your laptop like the Dell-supplied one.

Other DELL computers say "Speakers/Headphones" ... 

What you see listed there is determined by the audio driver. Not all versions of the Realtek list the devices in  the exact same way, and the Realtek and Windows native audio driver differ from each other.

I can't use the headphones.

Is that because no audio comes through the headphones, or because the sound is poor quality? If the former, when you plug in the headphones do you see a popup dialog asking which device you plugged in? If not, if you haven't yet installed one of the Dell-supplied Realtek audio drivers then go ahead and do that. If you still don't get the poup after the driver is installed then try this:

Start the Task Manager. Go to the Startup tab. Make sure all audio related tasks are enabled (especially Realtek Audio Manager). Restart. After that, open the Dell Audio control panel again. Reset defaults. Popup should appear again when plugging in headset. You have to select headphones in the popup for them to work.


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