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inspiron 5150--familiar black screen

OK, I know this question has been answered a gizillion times, but I haven't found anything directly on point for me.  My Inspiron 5150 keeps going black, esp. when I am watching video--  usually preceded by a soft static sound, then screen goes black.  I figure that heat is an issue.  What I have been doing is going into safe mode, uninstalling the GeForce 32 video card (at My computer, properties, hardware, device manager, display adators, right click, uninstall) then trying to restart, and everything would be great again.  I'd usually wait for the unit to cool down.   Now I can't do that--  i can get into safe mode, then when I try to restart, it doesn't shut down, but goes black.  Hmmmm.  Any ideas out there?  I know that heat is a huge issue with these machines.  I'd hate to give mine up.

Thank you!!!!!!

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RE: inspiron 5150--familiar black screen

I'm troubleshooting something similar.  A mentioned fix was to press on DIMM B which sometimes works.  But I think it's that the memory module manufacturer may have skimped on the gold and the edge connector is thin so not making good connection on both sides.  Pressing on the DIMM B does have an effect but it's warping the board as well and on the other side is the lower connection of the video card.  Also possibly changing the ball soldered device under the heat sink on the far side of the DIMM B.  Heat can be changing dimensions and causing pins to separate from their contacts.  There's an awful lot going on at that spot either side of the board.  I suspect exacting tolerances and skimping on the gold.

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