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touchpad mouse pointer not working properly.

i have windows 7 installed in my dell xps l502x laptop my.my touchpad mouse pointer  is not functioning properly,when i try to point to something on the desktop the pointer just mouse here and there rather than behaving normally.the only way i could fix this is by pressing alt+f3 two three times only then the touchpad pointer  starts behaving normally otherwise it just jumps here and there anywhere on the screen.can somebody tell me what's the problem and how do i fix this.

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RE: touchpad mouse pointer not working properly.

Hi Rtz87,

Click on the link below for troubleshooting the issue you are facing with the touchpad pointer.


You may have to update the touchpad driver for your computer. Click on the link below to download and install the driver. Select the operating system prior to downloading and installing the driver. Reboot the system once the driver has been installed.


Please reply if you have further queries.

Thanks and regards,
Babita S

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