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xps 15 with windows 7 Problems/Questions

New here.

First thing. I might be exaggerating by claiming to be a novice with a computer !

Last year we started having problems staying logged into our email server. Had to keep restarting several times a day to download mail to windows live mail.

This seemed to start about the same time as the free upgrade to windows 10 was going on, which I kept ignoring.

When I for some reason started the upgrade I changed my mind and canceled it. So I am wondering if this could have started the problems.

During this time trying to find the problem I tried resetting our email info on the server and in live mail.    Ended up losing some email and found I had lost restore points and the ability to set up a restore point schedule.(  can't remember but "something" was missing.)

So I decided it was time for a new backup to my clickfree and run the repair disk I made when the computer was new. Took about 50 times before the computer would see the device but it finally worked and is still working. But the repair disk is not seen.

So I have several choices (?).

1.Run the Reinstalling Disk for windows 7 that came with the computer. But what all do I have to do with that ? Also go to windows update and install all the updates ?  Install all the drivers and updates from the dell disk? And when I run the backup software will my computer have everything it now has.

2. Go ahead and upgrade to windows 10 and hope that was the original problem and it puts in the info that it removed, if that is the problem. And if I do that will everything from the backup on windows 7 go in the same place in window 10 ? I am thinking that this might be easiest and since windows gave up on live mail maybe their new mail will be better.

I could make this longer, but I hope this enough info.

Thank You for any help


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