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xps 1530 - turns off at dell screen

Not that impressed my xps1530 is just over a year old and this is the second time my laptop has been just shutting itself down repeatedly at the DELL post screen. I can't get very far if it does get past the post screen before it turns off again. Dell has advised me that an engineer will see my laptop again. Last time it needed a motherboard and ram replacement. I really hope it doesn't need the same again.

My biggest beef though is how incredibly hot this system gets and is probably why components have been playing up like they have been. I am getting about 6 months of use then it does a crash dive with overheating problems. Anyone out there think of what could be causing this recurring trouble?

I am doing the right things, have the system on a laptop stand that has extra ventilation for the machine yet I still seem to get these recurring issues. Anyways I am hoping the tech guy can solve the issues or I have to say I really got a lemon of a laptop that I really haven't had much time to enjoy or use for work in the last year.

Herman Rijken

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