Brand New Dell Studio 1555 Blank Screen on Powerup

I literally received a new laptop in the mail today. So I was installing BIOS, but the screen froze after a while, and I had to remove then reinstall the battery. However, once I turned the laptop on, all that would show was a blank black screen. The DVD drive made noises, but then the fan shut off. The power button was still lit, but the laptop was not functioning. I tried taking the battery pack out then pressing power for 60 seconds, but that didn't work either.

What sort of problem is this?

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Re: Brand New Dell Studio 1555 Blank Screen on Powerup

I had similar problems, I think they are related to the BIOS and graphic card drivers. I frequently had a black screen when turning the laptop on, changing the user, open/close the lid. Sometimes you get a blinking cursor, sometimes the screen backlight comes on, sometimes not.

What helps for me sometimes  is unplug the power, then the screen blinks and comes back on, sometimes pressing the power button so it hibernates works, but most of the time a hard reset has to be done (power button for 10 seconds or so).

Every time I upgrade the BIOS or Intel drivers it gets better, but nothing fixes it... guess we just a P of S, blame Intel, Dell and maybe MS, but dont expect anyone to help you.

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