Dell E6530 - Enable UEFI boot from hard drive

I am looking to enable the UEFI option for the hard drive on my laptop. There are some features that i would like to be able to use. What they are is not important. So within the settings i see

General => Boot Sequence (select UEFI) => Add Boot Option

Pop up comes up

What values need to be entered for Boot Option Name, File System List, File Name?

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Re: Dell E6530 - Enable UEFI boot from hard drive

Changing modes requires a complete reinstall of the OS - the OS must be installed in GPT mode (meaning you'll need a minimum of Windows 7 SP1-64 bit -- or Windows 8).  When you do that, the disc will be set up to work with UEFI mode.

You can't change the mode without a ground-up reinstall of the OS.

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