How to Insert a Screen Shot into a Post

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How to Insert a Screen Shot into a Post

How to Insert a Screen Shot into a Post by jimco

How to Insert a Screen Shot into a Post

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These instructions assume that you know how to make a screen shot. (Use Windows Snipping Tool, or if you don't have that application press Fn+Prnt Scrn then open Windows Paint and paste (Ctrl+V) into it, then "Save As" a jpeg or png file.) 

1. When you make a post, you are either going to start a new thread or you are replying to someone.

If you are starting a new thread, click the "New Post" button at the top of any page on the forum.

If you are replying to a post in an existing thread, click on "Use Rich Formatting".


2.  To begin inserting the screen shot, click the "Insert Image" button. If you have difficulty locating it, look for the yellow smilie face then go 7 buttons to the left. 

3. On the next screen

1. Select "Computer" from the drop down box if the image is on your computer.

2. Click the "Browse" button and browse to where you saved the screen shot. Click on the file name.

3. Wait a moment while the file uploads -- when it's finished you will see the words "Uploaded".

4. Click on the "Insert" button. [You do not need to alter the "Dimensions" settings.] The image will now appear in your post wherever the cursor was.

4. You can use the same method to insert other images besides screen shots. You can change the apparent size of the image after it has been inserted into the post by clicking on it and dragging the handles.


5. Click on "I am not a robot" before posting.

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Looks like time for an update Smiley Wink


Thanks a lot.

1. This new forum won't let me edit a post or amend a wiki, as far as I can tell.

2. This forum won't let me insert a screen shot. Clicking on the "insert/edit an image" button gives me a "Source" box, I suppose to put in a link to the cloud, but no path for for uploading an image from my laptop.

Do you have these limitations, and if so have you found a way around them?

Below is a test of the "insert/edit an image" button. In the "source" box I put in a link to a picture on Dropbox. If a waste pipe appears then it worked.

dwv pipe

Edit: well that didn't do anything, but at least the forum is allowing me to edit this comment.

All I see is a basic placeholder where the image is supposed to be.  There are still many problems with the new configuration.  You can't stay signed in, no favorites for forums and going to a post from an e-mail problem.

I don't have any images I can load from a url like Dropbox but maybe that would work.  Perhaps Dell is trying to cut down on storing graphics on their site.  I would not feel comfortable linking images on my OneDrive and it doesn't seem to work anyway..


The embed seems to work and you don't have to be signed into OneDrive, or so they say.

I assume the Drop Box you tried has public access.  If a sign-in was needed the picture might not show, I have no way to sign in and I am signed into the Forum..


When I click on your link I get the file download dialogue, asking if I want to open the file or download it.

"I assume the Drop Box you tried has public access.  If a sign-in was needed the picture might not show,"

Yes, it was the public link. Anyone I give the link to can go to that page -- don't even need a Dropbox account. I guess I could embed the link but it wouldn't be the same thing as inserting a picture.

I have seen the public access to DropBox but the image does not give me that option.  

One of the current threads has an image linked back to an online storage site so it appears that will work if done correctly.

Some sites allow you to upload images to your own profile so you can control them.  It does not look like this new site has that option.

I will be removing my previous link in case there is some security problem by using it that way.

Hope you find a good solution...  The  snipping tool has an option for giving a URL for a picture if done as HTML so I might check that out.


I have also noticed, if you go to your profile there is an area to upload photos.  It does not look functional right now since I see no upload options.  Maybe you would have that capability as a Rock Star..

There does appear to be a difference between a Rockstar and non-Rockstar account. Let me see if I can get more details on it:


@Saltgrass"Maybe you would have that capability as a Rock Star.."

That's probably correct.

@Philip_Yip"There does appear to be a difference between a Rockstar and non-Rockstar account."

Hello Philip. Yes. Robert P told me that not everyone has permission to upload files. He sent me an image of his controls. His has the same insert/edit image icon (camera) that I have, but his is followed by the word "Photos", which mine doesn't have. He also has a video icon that I don't have.

I would include a screenshot of it but ...

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