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Audio Issue; Playbacks with very disturbing noise

Hi There,

I own a Dell Latitude 3410; Windows 10 64 bit. Kaspersky Endpoint Secucrity

I have an issue with Audio. I can't hear any Playbacks clearly when I have my headset plugged in. I am using a Headset I got with my Nokia phone (I had used this headset in my earlier notebook and could hear very clearly and talk as well). Always there is a disturbing sound in the background; the sound is so annoying I couldn't hear anything that being played back. Here is what I have tested so far:

  1. I can hear clearly over the speaker when no headset is plugged in.
  2. Headset removal and plug-in are detected; Dell prompts to select what did I plugin. I selected the headset on-ear; I have also selected headset over-ear and ear-buds and still hear the disturbing sound.
  3. This disturbing noise comes when a Notification appears
  4. Tried to play an MP3 file from the Groove app and the disturbing noise can be heard and also when playing a Youtube video too.
  5. Microsoft Teams: I can hear and talk with others and confirmed that others can hear me too.
  6. I can hear clearly hear and what's being said in Skype Test call.

What can I do to get the audio resolved?

Thank You,

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I installed the latest driver from the Dell Support site and seems like I have got rid of the disturbing sound. I hope and pray this is a permanent solution.

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