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Blue screen error (bhtpcrdr.sys failed) when trying to install Win10 on a Latitude E7250

I cleared the C drive and wanted to do a clean installation of Windows 10 Pro on a Latitude E7250. The installer USB was created by using DELL OS Recovery Tool. However, everytime when I pressed F12 and selected to boot from USB, sooner or later around the appearance of the language selection screen, suddenly a blue screen appeared, showing a message that "Your PC ran into a problem and needs to restart". Stop code: system thread exception not handled; What failed: bhtpcrdr.sys. 

I have managed to upgrade the bios to the newest version (=A21). SInce no OS installed, I could not install any driver. It seems that the error might be caused by a USB driver issue, and clearly the win10 installer generated by the DELL OS Recovery Tool has a big problem. Anyone can give me a hand on how to solve this issue? Thanks. 

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sorry, I do not understand your question.


I mean, when you did the re-installation, where did you put the win10 installer software to start? Didn't you use a USB drive? Thanks.



Used the DELL OS Recovery Tool to create the 'Installer' on my 16GB USB2.0 Stick.




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Thank you for making this thread.  I had the same problem. I found disabling the driver worked fine, I did not have to "uninstall" it.


Well that's perfectly worked in my case too !

i was upgrading faulty sshd to ssd and it was pain checking all the settings; 

nice finding and thank you fro the solution.   


I also had this problem

Swapped RAM, Reseated Ram, Diagnostics, the works - no difference.

I had to go back to an OLD USB that was shipped from Dell 2yrs ago with Windows 10 on it.

The latest USB from Dell wouldnt read.. would start the install process, get to select country - then BSOD.

Old USB worked first time.


Thank you! This worked for me!

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