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Dell Precision 7530 - Ubuntu 18.04 - Cpu throttling

I have Dell laptop precision 7530 with Ubuntu 18.04 installed. I have a problem with the cpu throttling and fan speed settings. My dmesg output is flooded with messages:

[ 1234.407182] CPU2: Package temperature above threshold, cpu clock throttled (total events = 2774)

The laptop fans are very loud. The sensors package reports temperature about 55 degree.

I found that is a problem which is known for other users too. For example here is some solution for Lenovo laptop, which is described here:


and some solution can be find here:


I would ask if somebody knows any solution with the cpu throttling and fans speed settings which could be applied to Dell laptop? Because the noise generated by fans are very loud.


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Re: Dell Precision 7530 - Ubuntu 18.04 - Cpu throttling

Hello Gregosh,

There is interesting thread on notebookreview.com (see below for the link) regarding Dell precision 7530. I advice you to read about undervolting and cpu frequency governor.

For example you could start with ThrottleStop under Windows, find reasonable values and re-apply them under Linux  with this: https://github.com/georgewhewell/undervolt


Hope that helps

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