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WD15 and audio via HDMI or mDP

I am running Fedora 24 with kernel 4.7.9 on a XPS13 9360 Developer Edition.

When I am directly connecting with a USB Type-C to HDMI Adapter with my display (a DELL U3417W), everything is fine in terms of Audio. I am getting a "HDMI" audio device and the display receives and plays sound.

When I am using the WD15 to connect to the display either via the WD15's HDMI or mDP port, I get a "USB Analog Audio" device - with the result, that audio is available on the front port of the WD15, but not available digitally to the monitor. Problem is - i do not have an analog input on my DELL display.

Does anybody else have any success transmitting audio signals via

XPS13 -> USB Type-C -> WD15 -> HDMI port? 

 Is this broken by design or just a WD15 firmware issue that might get fixed in the future?

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I've had the same problem with the Precision 5510 (Arch) -> USB C -> WD15 -> mini displayport. I'm using separate speakers though, so it's not a problem for me to use the WD15 front audio out.

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I am finding monitor audio works when monitor is connected to WD15 dock via HDMI, but audio fails when connected via DisplayPort.

Kernel 5.5.7, up to date as of this Sunday.

Not sure if this is a software or a hardware problem.

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