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my laptop hot

6 month ago ,my  laptop doesnt heating issue , but now,i clean fan ,changed thermal paste but my laptop hot , 41 to 82 laptop name dell inspiron 15 5510 . when i used 1st 6 month i dont feeling my laptop heating ,but now always heat when i  on laptop , and fan noise,
i seeting cool thermal option using dell power manager ,but not work ,  i used thermal paste name  halnziye thermal grease

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Heat and ventilation are issues with pretty well all modern thin laptops. Always use the laptop on a hard surface, never on a bed, couch, pillow, etc.

You might want to do what I did:

I took a strip of lumber, about 3.5 cm. wide x 2 cm. high (1.5" x 3/4"}, and the length equal to the width of my laptop. I routed out two notches to accommodate the laptop's rear feet. The rear of the laptop sits in those notches, propping up the rear by 2 cm. That provides better ventilation underneath the laptop and makes it easier for the fan to draw in air via the bottom vent. 

It's cheap insurance, and also positions the keyboard at a slight angle that makes typing more comfortable. It won't solve a major heat issue, but it helps somewhat.

You can also reduce heat caused by Turbo Boost by changing power settings.
Settings | System | Power & Sleep | Additional power settings | select your plan | Change plan settings | Change advanced power settings | Processor power management | Maximum processor state: set to 99% or lower.
If you set it to anything below 100%, Turbo Boost will not activate, so system will not generate as much heat and you will save battery power.

The temperatures that you posted are not a problem.

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