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xps 13 (skylake) ubuntu 16.04 which kernel???

hi there,

i am on 16.04.2 lts after upgrade from 14.04. so iam still on kernel 4.4.
skylake seems to be supported best on kernel 4.8+. but since there are a lot of backports from canonical
(i am on 4.4.0-81 meanwhile) does this means, that the backports got all the goodies from 4.8 related to skylake  ?

or is it still recommended to go for hwe to get kernel 4.8 for skylake?

so far everything works fine for me on 4.4 but i wonder if i can get eg. better battery time with 4.8 and overall optimum support for skylake. 

thanx in advanced.

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If you are happy with your current software setup, I'd avoid tweaking anything... That being said, 4.8.6 I think is where upstream kernel support for the 9350 was relatively complete. The 4.9-lts kernels have been great on the 9350.

I don't use ubuntu, though, so take any recommendations from me with a grain of salt.

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