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FREEBSD OS install in R430 (PERC H330) solution ??

Hi !

Is there anyone who installed FREEBSD OS in dell server ? I have tried many times with PERC H330 along R430 and T330 to install the FREEBSD version 11, 12 and 5. Every times I found controller compatibilities issues, and couldn't install. Firmware and driver updated for the hardware. no result.

Looking for finding your experiences. Thank you so much.

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RE: FREEBSD OS install in R430 (PERC H330) solution ??

UPDATED: 1/19/17 - You're indeed correct. After a good portion of a day, did I too run into the issue with NOT being able to install ANY version of FreeBSD _PRIOR_ to 11.  (Installing it on my new unit that is, that has a PERCH330, versus the older Dell T430's RAID controller.)

I DID have to make changes: Go into the Lifestyle Option on boot-up (F11 or something) traverse until you see the "OS Install" section on the left, then hit enter it'll bring you to the right side of the screen. _CHANGE_ the OS type TO "Any Other Operating System." (It's a drop-down.)

Finally - I have NOT confirmed this, but v11(release) is supposed to support EUFI, but I put my unit back to BIOS Boot mode.

It's installing ALL of 11-Release as I type this note. (Seeing ALL of the virtual (RAID-1) drive(s).

Perhaps that will help, at least ONE person.

Our 'T"430 is being replaced by "this years version" of Dell's R430.

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