Inspiron 7559 ubuntu installation instructions.

Hi, I bought a Inpiron 7559 with Win 10 Home preinstalled, but I'd like to get ubuntu running in it.

I had limited success with ubuntu 16.04 but upon package updates, the installation broke and I can't even log to a text terminal to run maintenace, only recovery mode is available and I am not able to resolve this issue.

I tried to get an image from support but my service stivker only gives access to windows 10 installation image. Are the instructions for ubuntu installation in this machine or evena link to an installable image? I"d really like to get it up and running ASAP.

Thx in advance.

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RE: Inspiron 7559 ubuntu installation instructions.

Here are all the instructions you need to get everything up and running smoothly - enjoy.


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