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Linux driver for Dell V715w?

Hi Folks


I'm trying to hook up my laptop (ASUS G73JH-A1) running a dual-boot setup (Win7 & Ubuntu 10)to my wife's Dell V715w printer so we can both print from it.  I found what appears to be the correct download (R247653.tar.gz, unpacks to and readme for it; downloaded, unpacked, and ran in terminal.  It gets about three screens into the install process, and then it wants my Administrator password.  So I type it, and immediately get an error message 'invalid password, even though I'm quite sure that the password is correct.  Managed to get around that, only to find that the installer aborts because of incompatibilities with my 64-bit OS.  The package descriptor said it was for both 32 and 64-bit; apparently not


So does anyone have a clue which driver I SHOULD be downloading (assuming there IS a driver to download....)

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Re: Linux driver for Dell V715w?



i guess you found a solution to your problem since june. Just in case you're still stuck: do the following do not double click the script of the driver but launch a terminal first and type:

sudo  /your/path/to/the/script


you will be asked for your password in the terminal and then not in the setup process. If your pc is an amd64 the setup is not going to workanyway (like me for the moment)


hope that helps


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Re: Linux driver for Dell V715w?


Just FYI, the lack of 64-bit support on linux (for my p513w printer) is also mentioned by me in this post

I am thinking of whether to choose between trying to solve the 64-bit issue, or just selling my printer and getting a new one... 😛  But when I get it to work, I will let you know.


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Re: Linux driver for Dell V715w?

I just successfully installed this printer on my computer using Lexmark's Pro715 drivers.  The install must be done via the "ethernet" option.  After selecting that everything goes nice and smooth.

The drivers can be found here.

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