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3007WFP can't exceed 1280x800?

I recently had to reinstall windows. Now I'm back up and running but I can't get the same resolution I used to get from my same hardware. I have:
3007 30" Monitor, XPS 600 desktop, GeForce 7800 GTX graphics card.

I have installed the 3007 monitor software disc that came with the monitor, and I've downloaded and installed the latest driver from dell website. I've also downloaded the latest NVIDIA driver for my graphics card. When I increase the screen resolution, instead of getting smaller and finer icons I just get the same resolution extending beyond the size of the screen. I've played around with the control panel display settings and the nvdia control panel settings, nothing seems to change the resolution of the blocky pixels I'm staring at. There are 2 DVI cables in the back of my XPS, I'm using the left one (as viewed from front of desktop), the right one doesn't seem to work.  I don't know if this has anything to do with it. If anyone can help me I appreciate it very much



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Re: WFP 3007 can't exceed 1280x800 resolution after windows reinstall

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RE: WFP 3007 can't exceed 1280x800 resolution after windows reinstall

I figured this out for all those struggling or those who will yet struggle with the annoying problem of the high res screen only doing 1280X800. 

Bottom line:  You probably need to buy an ACTIVE adapter to go from your existing DVI port on your computer to a DVI-D dual link cable to the monitor.  They run from about $50-$150.  My $50 Bizlink DP to DVI works just fine though.

Background:   Today (2014), most graphics cards and push 2560X1600.  And intel on chip graphics 4000 or greater can support it as well.  I'm using a Dell i7 gen 3 laptop using on chip graphics right now to type this on the 30" at full resolution. The laptop as most does not have a DVI output.  So when I tried to send the video out the HDMI port using a HDMI to DVI-D dual link adapter, there was just a black screen.  After some research, I found that Dell only outputs a maximum of 1080p out its HDMI port and from what I can tell the 30" 3007 monitor can only handle either 1280X800 or 2560X1600, nothing in between.  So the end result is that it always defaults back to 1280X800 if it can't get there.  So, here at work I have a docking station with two DVI-D outputs and 2 Display port outputs.  The DVI-D outputs have all 24 pins needed for dual link capability, but still didn't work using the DVI-D dual link cable.  So even though they are the full 24 pin dual link connectors, it turns out that the issue is one of 2 potential issues and likely both are the problem:  1) the laptop only outputs up to 1080p out of any DVI connection regarless of single or dual link capability and/or 2)the DVI connectors, though they appear to be dual link are in fact only wired for single link. 

After checking, I did find that DELL does output the full resolution of 2560X1600 out of their display port (DP) connections on the docking station.  So I did some research and found that they make two different types of adapters from DP to DVI-D Dual link, active and passive.  Passive can only handle up to 1080p.  Active has a circuit that does the processing needed to convert the DP up to full dual link 2560X1600 resolution.  Active, however, requires external power to run the circuits of the adapter and the power comes from a USB plug hanging on the adapter.  I found a cheaper $25 option on AMAZON that indicated that it was active and it looked different than the passive one from the same company, so I thought I would try it.  I was a bit skeptical because in the picture I did not see a USB cable connected and I hoped that it was detachable, alas when it showed up, there was no USB and when I tried to use it, the windows resolution indicated that 2560 was an option, but when I tried to access it, all I saw was garbled lines on the screen.  So much for the cheaper option and I would submit that the product was mis-labled and should not have had "active" as part of the product description.  I went back and bought a $50 Bizlink active DP to DVI D dual link adapter and once it arrived, I plugged it in and when I went to the windows settings, only two resolutions were available, the 1280X800 and 2560X1800, I selected the later and the resolution finally worked!  So hopefully, this can save you all about 4 hours of trouble shooting and 2 weeks of waiting for parts to arrive from Amazon.

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