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Backlight bleed on U2713HM, unbearable.

I recently purchased a Dell U2713HM and it is suffering from severe backlight bleed. I have attached two photos, one in what you may call standard office lighting and another in no lighting to highlight the areas of backlight bleed. I do not expect complete uniformity but this is absurd.

Please could you suggest a course of action, I intend to return this monitor but my service tag does not seem to work.

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I have the same problem,

With me its the lower left corner, in dark backgrounds you see clearly a bright white spot its stupid and annoying.

I had alot of cheap monitors in my life around 150 200 euro's but they werent nearly this bad.  this was the first Dell monitor i bought for 549 euro's and the first thing i saw when i started my computer was the backlight bleeding it was hard not to notice....

I already had it changed at the store but had exactly the same problem with the 2nd monitor at the lower left corner...

Anything to do about this??

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If purchased through Dell, you would have received an invoice which contains both an Order number and Customer number. Dell Support can use either of those to find your account and setup a monitor exchange.

A double space after a period is no longer needed. Today nearly every font on your PC is proportional.
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