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Dell UP2716D LUT (Look Up Table) question

Hi there,

I was hoping that somebody here can help please.  

I've been looking very seriously at purchasing the new Dell UP2716D but I need to know what the bit depth of the LUT is.  

It does not say on the Specifications on the website and I have asked Sales & Technical Support, but they were not able to help me.

I am aware that the older version of this Monitor, the U2713H, had a 14-bit programmable LUT.

On the Dell website for the UP2716D, it refers to the LUT at the bottom of the page : 'X-Rite i1Display Pro Colorimeter Customize colors with the user LUT (look-up table), accessible via the Dell UltraSharp Color Calibration Solution software, for precise colors that align perfectly on these Dell UltraSharp monitors.'

As you can see it does not say what figure it is and I would love to know what the bit depth is for this Monitor.

Any help would be much appreciated.



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It really does not matter as long as it has more bithdepth than panel and uses dither.

"Bitdepth wars" regarding 14bit (Dell/NEC) vs 16bit (EIzo) is useles and a waste of time.

The key diference between particular units of thse monitore are:

-color uniformity across the panel... which means high QC, not bitdepth related

-native uncalibrated grey neutrality... which makes LUT correcion less agresive, related to high QC, not bitdepth related

Regarding our dells the main problem is calibration software, it assumes a pretty neutral native uncalibrated grey ramp whic current Dell's QC cannot guarantee at this time. It may write 14bit LUT but if only 11 measures are taken for native ramp (11xR,11xG,11xB) con calculate LUT3D, then all deviations placed between these measure points are "guessed" so they are partially corrected, User's computed calibration stored in CAL1 or CAL2 MAY NOT be as neutral as it should and could be. That issue IS NOT lut bitdepth related.

My AMD graphics card has 12bit LUT (3 x LUT-1D), 8bit DisplayPort dithered output... and calibration stored in GPU (not monitor) is FLAWLESS, smoother and more neutral than calibration provided by Dell Ultrasharp Calibration Color Solution... and that's is beacuse the graphics card caibration is based on 48 to 96 grey ramp measurements.

So LUT bithdepth does NOT matter AT ALL as long as is higher than monitor (or panel) input and DITHER is used.

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Thank you for your help.

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