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Dell Visor VRP100, right controller not tracking

Hello, i recently wanted to start using my Dell Visor again after a long move that required a lot of work. The box and the contents of the box the device was in is in great condition so nothing was tampered with. Everything worked just fine before i moved with the exception of the headset only displaying black (which has since been resolved). My new problem is the right controller VRC100-R isnt tracking with the headset, but it is allowing button inputs so i can move and open menus with it. The left controller is working as intended and tracks as well as accepts inputs. 

Things i have done to try and resolve the issue

I have tried new batteries

I have tried resetting the control to factory settings and making it download the latest driver

I have uninstalled Windows Mixed Reality Portal so that the controllers had to be set up again

I have checked under the devices listed under bluetooth and both the left and right controllers say they are paired and connected. Under both settings and Device manager.

I tried loading an older driver onto the controller from back when it last worked.

I am currently out of ideas as to how i can resolve this issue without the need of attempting to find a new right controller for sell.