Dell touchscreen problems

I use Dell touch screens model E153FPTc. The touch screen interface connects via USB to Dell Dimension computers running Xp. I have two setups like this; I have the same problem on both. The problem being, that at times, the touch screen will stop responding completely, or when you touch a certain spot on the screen, it will not register at the spot that you have touched; it may register the touch 4-5 inches from where the finger was pressed.

When this problem occurs, the mouse pointer on the screen will quiver back and forth just ever so slightly. During the time this problem occurs, the mouse will not operate correctly either.

You can unplug the usb cable from the touch screen, and the quivering will stop, and the mouse will start responding and working as it should.

Sometimes, you can restart the computer and all will be well for days, or sometimes weeks. Then other times, you can restart the computer and it will re-occur almost immediately. When this happens, we have found the only solution is powering monitor and computer down, unplugging the power from both the computer and the monitor, and also unplug the USB cable from the monitor. Wait 30 minutes or more. Plug it all back in, and it will solve the issue. After doing this procedure, sometimes it will work correctly for up to several weeks before acting up again. So, I have about decided it is a USB issue with the computer some how. But I have no idea what it may be. The monitors both plug directly into the USB ports of the computers, no USB hubs involved.

The problem seems to occur more often than not, after the touchscreens have not been used for a time-such as 20 minutes. They rarely have the issue start during heavy use of the touchscreens.

I’ve ran the touch screen alignment procedure, and I’ve updated the touch screen driver software, to no avail. Computers have been checked and rechecked for viruses and malware/spyware with none found. Both computers and monitors have APC battery backups.

Thanks for any and all suggestions or thoughts.

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