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Old display working with Windows 7 ?

Hi folks,


I've got an old DELL P-790 monitor and like to buy a need computer (e.g. get it bought as a christmas present ;-)). Unfortunately, I can't afford a new monitor in addition to that.


Maybe you can already imagine my question: is it possible to get this old display run with Windows 7 ? I don't find a proper driver for it, but maybe the new windows contains older drivers (which surely means the driver suits the technology of 32 to 64 bit) ?!


If not, may the compatibility mode for XP work ? I heard this is only available in certain versions of Win 7...


Thanks in advance for all helping answers.


Yours, Steffen

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Re: Old display working with Windows 7 ?

It should load a default basic driver. Hook it up and see what happens.

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