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P2715Q, tiny bug inside

Hi all,

This might become one of the funniest threads ever started here, so here goes. I have a 2-month old Dell P2715Q monitor purchased on Amazon (delivered Jan 31), so my 30-day return window is over, though I still consider this brand-new. As of last few days, there is a living creature behind the front glass. It's a tiny bug or a spider, less than 1 mm, and so it roams around the viewing area, although less and less, as there is no food or water. I decided not to try squishing it to avoid guts splattered permanently on the inside, but I am afraid it will die in the viewing area and stay there forever. Besides, I don't want to break something that's under warranty.

Aside from my pity for the poor creature, if this happens, what do we do? I never had any bugs inside my screens ever before in my life, so I would think there is a design flaw or just a hiccup with my unit -- which by the way would also allow dust in. Here is my main question:

Will Dell stand by its product and replace this with a _new_ unit? After all, I did pay for a new unit (and not a refurb) that wasn't advertised as "Allows tiny bugs in, start your own entomology lab today!".

Thank you!

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Re: P2715Q, tiny bug inside


We know that the P2715Q did not leave the manufacturer with the bug inside of the panel. It would have been seen when turned on, tested, and Factory Calibrated. The infestation had to have happened at the Amazon warehouse. So no, after 30 days from the purchase date (you are at 71), we could not setup a new monitor exchange. The Dell policies can be seen here.

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