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S2415H, Power adapter LED not working

I have a Dell S2415H that is out of warranty but never got used. Unfortunately it isn't working. The monitor won't turn on at all. The green LED on the power adapter (01XRN1) doesn't come on at all. Can anyone tell me how to fix this? A video would be super helpful. Thank you all in advance for your help,


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Re: S2415H, Power adapter LED not working


* Disconnect every cable including power from the S2415H
* Press the S2415H power button in for 10 seconds
* Disconnect/reconnect the power cable into the power adapter
* Connect the S2415H power cable to the wall socket
* Connect the power adapter to the S2415H
* Does the Power adapter LED light up?
* Press the S2415H power button. Does anything appear on screen?

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