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U2518D, Backlight bleeding


U2518D problematic monitor is on the left side, on the right is u2515h for comparison.. i have 2x u2515h and both are almost the same.. so u2518d is huge disappointed compared to my old monitors.

  • New monitor
  • Settings restored to defaults
  • Diagnostic mode

Lights ON:

Lights on

Lights OFF:


is this monitor eligible for exchange ?

bleed covers almost 30% of the monitor in default settings.. 

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* Go back to the top of this Monitors Forum
* Open FAQ Monitor (updated 2/6/18)
* Open "Backlight or Color/Tint uniformity policy"

And what part should i be reading there ? 


i did look at that before i posted, and compared to U3415W  my monitor is way worse.

U3415W both sides look like my right side and my right is not that bad. The left one is the problem.


Show me that U2518D with Lights On, showing the standard Windows desktop.

Middle one is u2518d


In my opinion, it should be exchanged.

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