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U2518D, PS4, tearing, stuttering

I just bought this monitor today. And when I playing PS4 on this monitor. The same problem as the other older thread and make me hard to play. Is the problem solved or not? If not please work on it

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* What specific HDMI cable are you testing?
* Using that same HDMI to HDMI cable, test it and the U2518D on a computers HDMI out port. Do you see tearing and/or stuttering? If NOT, the culprit is the PS4, not the U2518D

* Are you testing using the U2518D set to HDMI 2.0 or HDMI 1.4? Test both =
* Press the Menu button
* Go to Input Source
* Select HDMI and hold down the button for 8 seconds. A choice should appear;
Enable = HDMI 1.4, Disable = HDMI 2.0
* Exit the OSD

* On the PS4, open Sound and Screen settings
* Open Video Output Settings
- Resolution = 1080p
- RGB Range = Full
- Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr Range = Full
- Deep Colour Output = Automatic
* Open Audio Output Settings
- Chose HDMI OUT

The problem still exist when i connect the monitor to the pc and use 1080P resolution. HDMI 1.4 and 2.0 , hdr close and open also tried but the problem still here.

OK. Will add it to my notes to the team. You should also post the issue and all of your hardware on the PS4 Forum to see if they can replicate the issue and possibly assist. If they have not reported the issue on other monitors, perhaps the U2518D is faulty. You may return it within 30 days (if purchased from Dell) or get an exchange.

So, what should i do now? I cannot find other monitor have the same problem as i metion before. Also, I found some other user in china also have the same problem.

From the internet, many people said that this is the only monitor(U2518D) has this problem and they switch to another monitor. It will works perfectly.

So, can i exchange this monitor?


So, can i exchange this monitor?
Per the warranty policy, an exchange is only for another U2518D. For a different model monitor, no.

To get a different model, you have to return the U2518D for refund. Then buy a different model.

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