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U2518D, two have backlight bleeding issue


I bought 2 U2518D monitors and I think both of them have backlight bleeding issues.
I had reset the monitor to Factory Defaults. The Brightness and Contrast are 75 for both. And they are all running Built-in Diagnostics with a black screen. I took 2 pics for both, with room lights on and off. And I was wondering should them be exchanged. Thanks in advance! 

monitor 1 lights onmonitor 1 lights onmonitor 1 lights offmonitor 1 lights offmonitor 2 lights onmonitor 2 lights onmonitor 2 lights offmonitor 2 lights off

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Dell monitors are not validated in a full dark room. Turn the lights on and post pictures of the BID colored screens (gray, red, green, blue, white) as well as the Windows desktop.

Thanks for your reply. I have lights on pics on the original post and everything is reset as you mentioned in other posts. I think BID black is the most direct way to expose the backlight bleeding. Let me know if you still need the other 12 pics for other color BID.

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