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U2719DC, USB Type-C, dock, not working

Hi Chris,

I've got the the same problem as described with my U2719DC. If the U2719DC is connected to the laptop via the USB Type-C to USB Type-C, it is working fine.

If it is connected via USB Type-C to a Thunderbolt 3 dock (CalDigit TS3plus-dock) (USB Type-C to USB Type-C U2719DC) it doesn't work, it stays black. If I use a USB Type-C to DP adapter (CalDigit TS3plus-dock USB Type-C --> DP on the U2719DC side) it also works fine.

Any suggestions?

Regards Sascha

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Re: U2719DC, USB Type-C, dock, not working

Perhaps the supplied U2719DC USB Type-C cable (C to C) is just not compatible with that dock? Maybe you need their specific Thunderbolt 3 cable?


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