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U2720Q, side USB-A port not working


I've newly bought my U2720Q. Currently, I'm connecting the U2720Q to my Dell XPS 13 9370 via USB Type-C to USB Type-C cable. The video connection works fine at the moment, but all other downstream USB ports are not working. If for example I connect my keyboard to the U2720Q or plug in my USB disk. Do you know how should I configure this? 

Thanks in advance for your help.

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Update = The two USB-A ports at the back of the U2720Q work, but the one on the side is not working?

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Same issue connected to a MacBook pro


Same issue, got the monitor last week. It works when I am not connected to monitor using USB-C.

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Experiencing the same issue. USB-A underneath works, but the side port does not. I plug my webcam into that port and it wasn't being detected by my MBP 2019. Then I plugged my iPhone into it and it doesn't charge, nor any other peripheral devices. I have the monitor plugged into my MBP using the USB-C to USB-C cable. Haven't found a solution yet. Looking at possibly returning the monitor. Have had it for ~5-6 months.


Looking at possibly returning the monitor. Have had it for ~5-6 months.
* The return period has lapsed. Dell only does returns if requested inside the first 30 days from the Dell invoice date.


The U2720Q USB Type-C port only provides power deliver up to 90W. So if your laptop is on battery only and requires more than 90W, there is not enough power to use all three of the USB-Type A downstream ports. In this case, connect the provided AC power adapter to the laptop. Other factors to consider are below.

* OSD Menu- Display- USB-C Prioritization (page 41 in the online User's Guide
High Resolution = This is default setting. The maximum supported resolution is 3840x216060 Hz and USB 2.0 data
High Data Speed = If PC source is HBR3, the maximum resolution is 3840x2160 60 Hz and USB 3.0 data. If PC source is HBR2, the maximum resolution is 3840x2160 30 Hz and USB 3.0 data

* OSD Menu- Personalize (page 44 in the online User's Guide):
USB-C Charging 90W = On During Power Off
Other USB Charging = On During Standby

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