U3011, Windows 10, Video (color) issues


I have a Dell U3011 that is running on a dual Nvidia SLI setup in Windows 10.  All the drivers are the latest. I am experiencing distortion in the presentation of colors on the display that seem to be prevalent only on the right half of the display if divided down the center line.  For instance, I can take an image and drag it across the physical center line of the display and, on the left there is no problem yet as the image is moved to the right across the center line of the display the distortion (or artifacts) appear. Is this a problem with the display or a problem with my video setup?

Thanks for any thoughts you may have!

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RE: Dell U3011 Video (color) issues

The out of warranty six year old U3011 was never validated for Windows 10. The last driver we released was on 6/13/13 for Windows XP/Vista/7.

Take the computer, operating system, software, and cabling out of the troubleshooting equation.
* Run the standalone monitor BID (Built-in Diagnostics) page 35-36
- If you see the issue in the BID colored screens, then the monitor itself is faulty.
- If you do not see the issue on the BID, then the monitor itself is fine. The fault must be the computer, operating system, video card, video card driver, or cabling

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