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U3415W, Problem with updating the firmware


I have a problem. I saw an update of the firmware of my U3415W. The problem is that I cannot get the monitor to be detected by the software. I tried 2 different cables. The USB ports on the monitor work properly. Use Win 10 with latest updates installed.


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Note, you should only attempt a monitor firmware update IF you have the actual problem it is supposed to fix;

"Fixes random screen flicker over Displayport"

If you do not have this specific issue, do not update the firmware. A failed update could break the monitor.

* You downloaded "Dell_U3415W_Firmware"
* Extracted the ZIP file to its own folder and then opened the folder
* Per the Firmware_Update_Instruction PDF, you should only have the U3415W USB upstream cable and one video cable connecting the U3415W to the computer
* Nothing should be plugged into the U3415W USB downstream ports
* No second monitor should be connected to the computer
* Open the Windows Device Manager and be sure that the U3415W appears under Monitors and that the Universal Serial Bus controllers do not have any bangs
* You then ran the file, "Dell_U3415W_Firmware Updater_M3B103_Window.exe"

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Thanks Chris

ok, I will not update the firmware

I wish you happy new year


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Just an FYI, I have two U3415W (A01 and A03) connected to an Optiplex via DP. I do not have the flicker so chose to not install the firmware update.

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