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U3419W, MacBook, USB Type-C, sleep/wake issues

I recently got a u3419w. I connected my keyboard and mouse to the usb hub and switch inputs between my PC on DP and the Macbook on usb-c. When I am using the PC with the Mac connected, it eventually goes to sleep and despite being on the DP input, a "usb-c input disconnected" message appears. Mildly annoying but no big deal. However this apparently is enough to trigger a wake on the Macbook and a few seconds later I get a "usb-c connected" message. After a minute or two the Mac goes back to sleep and the cycle continues. As you can imagine, this becomes extremely annoying and I am forced to disconnect the Mac and stop it charging. There seems to be a number of posts around about similar issues with similar Dell monitors, although no one seems to mention that they see these annoying status messages for one input while using another. Any advice on how to fix this issue? Thanks

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I have the same issues with my 2016 MacBook Pro. Based on responses to other posts about this topic, my conclusion is that Dell doesn’t care about Mac users and believes it’s Apple’s responsibility. I hope they change their mind on this and issue a firmware update to fix this. It’s very annoying. I’m still within the return window and might switch to an LG display. The only disadvantage of that is the power output on USB-C is only 60w compared to 90w on Dell. Another issue I have with this display is that I can’t control the volume with my Magic Keyboard.
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Dell did not test/validate the U3419W on the proprietary Apple operating system or hardware.


When you check the U3419W driver page, notice we do not include any Apple OS drivers which are needed to facilitate proper function. All we included was an Apple OS U3419W firmware upgrade file.


Additional information can be found for the U3419W on the Apple Forum. If your particular issue is not addressed, you could start a new thread out there to get assistance from other Apple users.


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Hi Robert, thanks for your reply. I got my monitor last month and the firmware update you mentioned was already applied. This doesn’t resolve the issues I’m having. 

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Does the U3419W produce the same issue when disconnected from the Apple and connected to a tested/validated Windows OS PC? Or during the stand alone Built-in Diagnostics (page 64)?  


Unfortunately, Dell did not test/validate the U3419W on the proprietary Apple OS or hardware, so our support is limited to the U3419W functioning with a tested/validated Windows OS PC.


You can see from the U3419W driver page that we did not provide specific Apple OS drivers. We only provided an Apple OS firmware update option.

The U3419W User’s Guide never mentions Apple.

The U3419W Monitor Usage and Troubleshooting Guide only mentions Apple in respect to changing the DisplayPort mode from DP 1.2 to DP 1.1.

Would you be able to send me that U3419W Service Tag number so I can document our discussion?



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Since we haven't heard from you, we will be archiving our case.  Should you need further assistance, please reach out to us again.  Thanks.


Sorry for the delay, I monitored this actively for a few days then forgot about it. Please do not close this case as the problem is not resolved and the behaviour of this monitor is unaccepable.

Thank you for your comments. I am running the latest monitor firmware.

I think the fact I am using a Mac is a red herring - the real issue here is that the monitor flashes and beeps when it loses signal on an non-active input. A secondary issue is that this in turns sends a signal down the USB-C and wakes the Mac and makes the monitor flash and beep again.

If I am using display port as my current active input, I do not want to see or hear about the state of other inputs.

What can be done to fix this problem?



Based on what DELL-Robert P stated above, "Dell did not test/validate the U3419W on the proprietary Apple operating system or hardware, so our support is limited to the monitor itself.", you NEED to find a Windows OS PC and test the U3419W on it.


I do not have access to a Windows USB-C device and fail to understand how that is related. I have my monitor making obnoxious noises and flashing messages while charging a device over USB-C when I am using a completely different input. This is not about Apple, it is about how this monitor behaves.

And if support is saying Apple is related to this problem, then I would like to mention that I didn't see any warnings about this moniotor not being compatible with Macbooks when I purchased.


I turn off my monitor now to work around this issues, but now I found out it doesn’t charge my device when it’s turned off. It’s very annoying and kind off ruins the whole experience of just having to plug in one cable. Still fail to understand how this is an issue with the laptop and not the monitor? Dell’s responses suggest it’s related to the operating system. So it works fine with all Windows laptops from all manufacturers? I find that hard to believe. And if it’s for Apple to fix, could that be done with a firmware update for the MacBook? I wish Dell would at least be more specific on what’s the exact problem and how Apple could fix it (if it’s really up to them which I still don’t believe - Dell should update the firmware for their monitor).
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