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SQL transaction log backup window to avoid conflict?

Networker Windows 2012r2

Storage node 1 and node 2

Hi all,

Ive been experiencing an issue where I have SQL transaction log backups interfering with my VM backups during the night. I have multiple groups to back up my SQL transaction logs, anywhere from every 2 hours to once per day, depending on how critical the data is. What seems to be happening is that when my VM backups are running, and then a group of SQL transaction log backups tries to run, it seems to be sending more jobs to my storage node 2 than it can handle. I have two storage nodes, and what I have noticed is that the VM policies that fail, are pointing at the same storage node that I back up my SQL transaction logs through (node 2). I already have many other backups running through node 1, so moving more jobs to that, may just shift the problem over to that one.

In our previous backup application, I was able to schedule the transaction log backups within a set window, to avoid this issue. For example, if I have a SQL transaction log backup that runs every 2 hours, I could set a window from 5pm through 6am, in which the SQL transaction log backups would not run. But, after 6 am, they would again run every 2 hours. Is this something that Networker will do, or can be made to do?



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Re: SQL transaction log backup window to avoid conflict?

I don't use VM backup for any of our SQL farms; as we use guest NW for SQL we use the same for DR so all our VMs running SQL are on so called nosnapshot datastores (eg. I run TLOG every 1h for all databases).  If I were you, I would rather make possible that I increase capacity of storage node (I do not use storage nodes any longer as with ddboost there is no need for those). 

As for scheduling, I believe you could do something like that, but with external scheduler only. (unless you have situation where you set frequency to 2h and you set vm backup to run between those 2 hours frame - assuming and hoping such backup would complete in that range).

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